Social Service

Youth Service
Sha Kok Youth & Children’s Centre Stewards started to develop social services in the 80s.  Over the past 30 years, we have established more than 20 projects, covering a wide range of services:

  • Youth Service
  • Life Education Service
  • School Social Work Service
  • Adventure-based Counseling Service
  • Rehabilitation Service
  • Counseling Service
  • Camp Site Service
  • Men Community and Supportive Reach-out Service

Besides, Stewards has started to develop social enterprises to increase employment opportunities for the disadvantaged.  At present, our enterprises include:

  • Car clean and beauty services
  • Tuck shops – Tea Box
  • Retail shop – Happyland
  • Flower shop – YOU Garden


Youth Online
School Social Work Service
Youth Outlook – Youth Mental Health Service
Teens Online
Life Education Project
Rehabilitation Service
Yiu On Integrated Rehabilitation Services Centre
Yiu On House
Yiu Tsuen Integrated Service Centre
Take Your Way Clubhouse
Syner-bright Zone (Integrated Community Centre for Mental Wellness)
Enrichment Practice
CrossLand Life Adventure Center
Campsite Service
Stewards High Rock Center
Men Power
Social Enterprise