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Students are now living in a more complicated world when compared to the life in the past. The progressive education reform, political decisions, economic, and social problems nowadays are having more direct impacts on their daily lives. On top of domestic violence, peers bullying, sexual offenses, self-harm and self-destructive behaviors, problems happen in adult world are taking place in younger ages, such as, gangsters and triad, drug abuse, mental illness and various addictions. It is doubtful if the traditional social service in school can fulfill students’ needs today, not only handling cases in a responsive and passive manner, but also having one stationing social worker to shoulder up the cases with varied needs. It may not be the best and ideal model.

To cope with the rapid changes of the society, starting from 2003, our Agency has evolved “Team Model” in School Social Work service, switching from having one stationing social worker to handle all issues from having support and backup by a team. An experienced social worker takes up the supervisor and guidance, coordinator and administrative role to raise the service quality and output. The enhancement in mobility and expansion of expertise strengthen the support for schools, teachers, parents and especially for students. As prevention is better than cure, our network with various experts can help organize a wide range of preventive training and developmental workshops which are effective in reducing problematic cases.

The team work module is not only to setup an independent service ecosystem in providing a one-stop service, but also to make use of all resources under our network in a better manner. Resources between schools, churches, community services and specialists have been utilized to broaden the scope of youth developments. Joint functions and activities are held and sometimes are able to create job opportunities for rehabilitees and other disadvantaged group of people. Involving different groups of people from the society, students could learn to understand and build up a mutual and respecting community. Last but not least, our team has developed extra-curricular activities at schools as to enhance students’ self-understanding and growth for strengthening their potentials, develop positive attitude in learning, build up positive values, and improve emotional and behavioral control.




Service Objectives

School social work services deliver diversified and students’ personal-growth-oriented services to our serving schools. We pay attention on building positive characters of the youth, exploring the potentials and leadership among them, strengthening their resilience in facing life challenges, and improving students’ social and moral consciousness. Hence, they can participate in social affairs actively. We also support teachers and schools on student guidance and counseling with “informal training" at different levels, which we aim at creating a harmonious and healthy school environment.

Our Services

Our services mainly provide school social work services, school-based after-school learning and support services, and also deliver various training programs, seminars, workshops, developmental courses, and relevant self-enhancement services




School Social Work Service Team

Integrated Children and Youth Social Services Centre Based

1. Stewards Pooi Kei College

2. TWGHs Mrs Fung Wong Fung Ting College

Independent School Based

1. Stewards MKMCF Ma Ko Pan Memorial College


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