Take Your Way Clubhouse


Stewards—Take Your Way (ICCMW-SH)


Agency Background

Stewards Limited registered at 1962 and it became a charitable organization of Christianity recognized by the Hong Kong government. “Stewards” means the shepherd of God. Stewards currently provides services in view of social welfare, education and medical care. Stewards also devoted to preach gospel of God.


Service Introduction

Take Your Way, under the tree of Stewards Limited, is an Integrated Community Center for Mental Wellness (I.C.C.M.W.), serving for whom with suspected and diagnosed mental challenges. Take Your Way provides one-stop community support and rehabilitation program for service users and their carers living in Shatin and Ma On Shan areas.
The service concept of Take Your Way is Empowerment and Wellness, by which to encourage the community members to react enthusiastically against difficulties, keep positive thinking and develop healthy living style.


Service Objectives

  • Raising the awareness of the community about the importance of mental health, so to build a community with harmony, acceptance and mutual support.
  • Cultivating members and shareholders for having positive thoughts and actualizing self-fulfilling, heartwarming and fruitful value of life.


Content of Service

  • Drop-in services(temporarily not applicable)
  • Outreaching and counseling services
  • Outreaching occupational therapy training services
  • Therapeutic and supportive group work services
  • Networking services, including social and recreational activities
  • Public education programs on mental health
  • Referral to the Community Psychiatric Service of the Hospital Authority for clinical assessment or psychiatric treatment


Service Targets

  • The community members with mental health concern
  • Discharged mental patients aged 15 or above
  • Persons with suspected mental health problems aged 15 or above


Application Procedure

  • Self-application
  • Referred by Medical Officers, social workers, allied health workers of government departments, or family members.


Service Withdrawal

  • Self-withdrawal
  • Moving out of service boundary specified
  • Completion of the Treatment Plan as scheduled


Service Boundary

  • Public Housing

Sun Tin Wai Estate, Chun Shek Estate, Lek Yuen Estate, Wo Che Estate, Sha Kok Estate, Pok Hong Estate, Jat Min Chuen, Chung On Estate, Lee On Estate, Yiu On Estate, Heng On Estate, Yan On Estate, Kwong Yuen Estate, Shek Mun Estate, Fung Wo Estate


  • Home Ownership Scheme

Fung Shing Court, Yue Tin Court, Yue Shing Court, King Tin Court, Sui Wo Court, Kam Hay Court, Kam Fung Court, Fok On Garden, Fu Fai Garden, Kam Lung Court, Saddle Ridge Garden, Kam Ying Court, Kam On Court, Kam Tai Court, Chevalier Garden, Yu Chui Court, Kwong Lam Court, Hong Lam Court.


  • Private Housing

City One, Castello, Sunshine City, Belair Gardens, New Town Plaza, Lucky Plaza, Shatin Centre, Wai Wah Centre, Shatin Plaza, Garden Rivera, The Palazzo, Jubilee Garden, Royal Ascot, Villa Athena, Vista Paradiso, Monte Vista, Lake Silver, Baycrest, Hilton Plaza, Man Lai Court, Peak One, Pristine Villa, Scenery Court, Sunshine Grove, Chuen Fai Centre, Green Leaves Garden, Greenfield Court, Greenwood Garden, Garden City, Gold Lion Garden, Greenview Garden, World-Wide Gardens, Ville De Cascade, The GrandVille, Windsor Park, Marbella, The Waterside, Bayshore Towers, Ma On Shan Centre, The Tolo Place, Villa Oceania, Broadview Terrace, La Costa, Mountain Shore, Ocean View, Sausalito, Garden Vista, Pictorial Garden, Ravana Garden, Prima Villa, The Great Hill, Kwun Fai Court, Double Haven, Lai Shing Garden, Kingston Lodge, Oceanaire,


  • Village

Tung Lo Wan New Village, Upper Wo Che Village, Lower Wo Chi Village, Pai Tau Village, Wong Uk Village, Yuen Chau Kok, Fui Yiu Ha New Village, Sha Tin Wai, Tsang Tai Uk, Tsok Pok Hang New Village, Sha Tin Tau, Sha Tin Tau New Village, Kak Tin, Lei Uk Tsuen, Sun Tin Village, Garden Villa, Greenwood Terrace, Scenery Garden, Sha Tin 33 Block, Ville De Jardin, Votre Palais House, Fo Tan Village, The HK Jockey Club Shatin Staff Quarters, Kau To, Lok Lo Ha, Ma Liu Shui, Wong Chuk Yeung, Chek Nai Ping, Wu Kai Sha Village, Wu Kai Sha New Village, To Tau Wan Village, Lok Wo Sha, Ma On Shan Village, Tai Shui Hang, A Kung Kok, Chap Wai Kon, Fu Yung Pei, Kwun Yam Shan, Ngau Pei Sha, Siu Lek Yuen, To Shek, Mui Tsz Lam, Fa Sam Hang, Shek Kwu Lung, Tai Lam Liu, Wong Nai Tau, Tai Che, Nam Shan, Wo Liu Hang Village, Hung Mui Kuk


Opening Hours

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


2015-16 Statistics on Output Standards
Total no. of accumulated members 1663
Total no. of accumulated new members 508
No. of active cases 712
Total no. of new/reactivated cases 516
Total no. of accumulated outreaching visits / office interview sessions 6237
Total accumulated no. of individual centre-based / outreaching needs assessment /training sessions of OT 2338
Total accumulated no. of therapeutic groups 37
Total accumulated no. of sessions of interest classes & supportive groups 1040
Total accumulated no. of linkage activites 255
Total accumulated no. of participants joined the linkage activities / programmes 8119


Enquiry & Contacts
Address  : G/F, 1-18 Bean Goose House, Sha Kok Estate, Shatin
Tel          : 2645 1263
Fax          : 2632 05056
Email      : tac@stewards.org.hk