Syner-bright Zone (Integrated Community Centre for Mental Wellness)

Stewards—Syner-bright Zone (ICCMW-SK)

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Agency Background 
Stewards was officially incorporated in 12 October, 1962 as a charitable organization of Christianity recognized by the Hong Kong government, providing medical, educational and social services. It is also regarded as the member of the Stewards Service Association and Community Charity Fund respectively.

Service Introduction 

In 2009, the SAR carried out a pilot project of Integrated Community Center for Mental Wellness (I.C.C.M.W.) in the Tin Shui Wai district providing one-stop community support and rehabilitation program for the people with suspected and diagnosed mental challenges.

Under the Stewards, Syner-bright Zone was put into service operation commenced from October, 2010 catering service in Tseng Kwan O (North) and Sai Kung community.

Syner-bright Zone signifies a fresh and bright sunlight outlook with inflow of positive energy. It casted hopes upon our clients so that they could adopt positive attitude for adversity and united in concerted effort for achieving their milestones.

Service Objectives

  • Raising the awareness of the community about the importance of mental health, so to build a community with harmony, acceptance and mutual support.
  • Cultivating members and shareholders for having positive thoughts and actualizing self-fulfilling, heartwarming and fruitful value of life.

Content of Servicetko03

  • Drop-in services(temporarily not applicable)
  • Outreaching and counseling services
  • Outreaching occupational therapy training services
  • Therapeutic and supportive group work services
  • Networking services, including social and recreational activities
  • Public education programs on mental health
  • Referral to the Community Psychiatric Service of the Hospital Authority for clinical assessment or psychiatric treatment

Service Targets

  • The community members with mental health concerntko04
  • Discharged mental patients aged 15 or above
  • Persons with suspected mental health problems aged 15 or above

Application Procedure

  • Self-application
  • Referred by Medical Officers, social workers, allied health workers or government departments

Service Withdrawal

  • Self-withdrawaltko05
  • Moving out of service boundary specified
  • Completion of the Treatment Plan as scheduled

Service Boundary

  • Sai Kung District
    Clear Water Bay Road, Hang Hau (East & West), Hiram’s Highway, Po Lo Che, Tui Min Hoi, Sai Kung Town, Tai Mong Tsai Road, Sai Sha Road (Sai Kung Central Town to O Tau)
  • Tseung Kwun O (North) District
    Tsui Lam Estate, Po Lam Estate, King Lam Estate, Hau Tak Estate, Hong Sing Garden, Ho Ming Court, King Ming Court, Yan Ming Court, Ying Ming Court, Chung Ming Court, Yu Ming Court, Verbena Heights, Radiant Towers, The Pinnacle, Serenity Garden, Fu Ning Garden, Finery Park, Metro City, Metropolis, Well On Garden, Residence Oasis


Opening Hours

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


2015-16 Statistics on Output Standards
Total no. of accumulated members 882
Total no. of accumulated new members 270
No. of active cases 551
Total no. of new/reactivated cases 274
Total no. of accumulated outreaching visits / office interview sessions 3609
Total accumulated no. of individual centre-based / outreaching needs assessment /training sessions of OT 1302
Total accumulated no. of therapeutic groups 19
Total accumulated no. of sessions of interest classes & supportive groups 478
Total accumulated no. of linkage activites 90
Total accumulated no. of participants joined the linkage activities / programmes 4905


Enquiry & Contacts

Address  : Unit 223, 223A & 224A, Sau Lam House, Tsui Lam Estate, Tseung Kwan O
Tel         : 2633 3117
Fax  : 2631 0779
Email :